BlackLight SpotLight: Elle Varner

I know most of you are looking at this picture and saying, “She’s pretty but who the hell is she?”

I get it, she’s brand spanking new. So new that I’m not sure if her song “Only Wanna Give It To You” featuring J.Cole charted very high on the billboard charts when it came out last summer.

I’m spotlighting her because she is a great singer who has a social media presence that I feel will only blossom further once she’s a household name. For now her team has her active on Facebook and Twitter. She is more active on Twitter, but she posts to both sites at least once a week. She interacts with her fans in a very authentic and genuine way. I appreciate that.

She dropped a mixtape online last year called “Conversational Lush” that contained some songs that will not make her debut album, “Perfectly Imperfect”, coming out later this year. I think you can still find it online now, it was free and completely legal. My favorite song off the mixtape is “Do You Want To”. Her current single, which is off the mixtape, is called “Refill” and you can find the official music video on right now.

Everyone needs to get familiar with her so go do that. She should be huge by this time next year. And she can actually sing, sounds just like her record too.

Any up and coming or underground artists that you’re just crazy about? Do you follow them on any social networks? Let me know who they are  and what they do in the comments.



About blackandtoldsocialmedia

At a very quick pace social media is becoming an essential part of everyday life. As a communications student at The City College of New York I am constantly learning new things about social media. With this blog I plan to spotlight social media news from a black person's perspective. No, I'm not going to get all "Black Panthers" on you but I hope to help you see the world of social media in a new light, the black light of course.

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