Race Issues in Hollywood: “Girls” and “The Bachelor”

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Recently HBO debuted a new comedy called “Girls” about four twenty something white women trying to live in New York City. It’s created by Lena Dunham and produced by Judd Apatow. The show debuted to over 870,000 viewers but it did leave a foul taste in the mouths of many. One major concern was that there was a very noticeable and at this point in time, unacceptable, lack of brown skin in this show. The only black person was a bum.


When she Dunham was by Huffingtonpost.com asked about this issue her response was this : ” We really tried to be aware and bring in characters whose job it was to go “Hashtag white people problems, guys.” I think that’s really important to be aware of. Because it can seem really rarified. When I get a tweet from a girl who’s like, “I’d love to watch the show, but I wish there were more women of color.” You know what? I do, too, and if we have the opportunity to do a second season, I’ll address that.”

OK then…

Then just today the producers of “The Bachelor” have announced they will be served a class action lawsuit claiming racial discrimination in the casting process for the show. The two plaintiffs are claiming they were turned away at a Nashville casting call before they could even actually audition. They say the overheard a producer questioning why they were there because they are Black.


People have been questioning this show’s lack of diversity forever. Last year in response, executive producer Mike Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly they always want diversity but, “it’s just that for whatever reason, they don’t come forward. I wish they would.”

So you gonna play that card?

Here’s what I have to say to both these responses, BULLS#!T!!!

There are more the enough people of color looking for work in Hollywood and they want to be seen and heard just as much as their white counterparts. How can you say you will wait for next season to cast in color? How dare you even accuse actors of color of not coming out to auditions? The reality is Hollywood is just as racist as it’s ever been with a lack of quality programming or parts being offered for minorities. And for the parts where the race is not specified, white people just get casted more often. Nothing will ever change in Hollywood if the ones in charge don’t wake up and change their ways.

What’s your take on this issue? Let me know in the comments.

Nicole M. 



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  1. Seems like racial discrimination is a problem that must be continually addressed. Groups, after being called out, will institute reforms but if the reformation is not instilled as part of the corporate culture, groups will backslide and must be called out again.

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