BlackLight SpotLight: Kim Coles

A lot of famous people have facebook and twitter accounts but a lot of them just use them purely for promotional purposes only. Few connect with their fans on the level that Kim Coles does. You may be asking yourself who Kim Coles is. She is one of the stars of 1990s Fox sitcom “Living Single”. This show was a hit among Black households for all five seasons the show ran. All the characters were great but her character stood out to me because of her quirkiness. According to Kim, “Synclaire” is not that far from herself in real life. Obviously she is not as ditzy, but the character’s kindness is the same. I had an encounter with Ms. Coles on twitter. I was having a bad day and she says this:

Kim Coles@kimcoles YOU already ARE, sis! @nmnice88 I swear with all I’m put through I hope be a strong, wise woman as I get older.

Isn’t that nice? I’m spotlighting her because I think of all the famous people I follow she is the most engaging with her fans. She regularly updates her facebook, twitter and youtube pages with posts about her life and what she has going on. She just recently went natural and has been using her facebook to profile her that journey. She ties everything back to her website ( and her “Open the G.I.F.T.S” inspirational program. She does speaking engagements, she just landed a gig as the host of an upcoming gameshow on the OWN network and she still acts. She is a true example of how a person should use their social networks to re-establish themselves and connect with fans and for that I shine the BlackLight Spotlight on her.

Next week I will spotlight another Black public figure’s use of social networking. Until then, answer the following question:

Do you follow any famous people on your social networks? Who do you think uses them the best and the worst? Leave comments below.

Nicole M.


About blackandtoldsocialmedia

At a very quick pace social media is becoming an essential part of everyday life. As a communications student at The City College of New York I am constantly learning new things about social media. With this blog I plan to spotlight social media news from a black person's perspective. No, I'm not going to get all "Black Panthers" on you but I hope to help you see the world of social media in a new light, the black light of course.

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  1. I definitely agree with your post Nicole. Its great when celebrities are able to tweet back. I like the Zappos CEO, he always tries to tweet back and is very friendly. Will Smith is also very inspirational in that he writes a lot of quotes and it gets you to think a lot about what he says. I don’t really follow many celebrities but those are the two that most stick out to me.

  2. I don’t use my twitter much lately besides for sharing articles, but I have seen there are a number of celebrities on and I like that some of them take that extra steps to more than just connect to fans, but to build bonds. Surprisingly, the thing that’s surprised me the most is when I came across an article talking about Eminem’s daughter, and how inspirational she can be. I checked her out on twitter, and for a girl who comes from the emotional baggage of parents like Eminem and Kim Mathers, she is exceptionally upbeat, perky, even innocent. She often leaves uplifting quotes and seems to skip over all the negative stuff to keep everyone’s skies bright blue. I like that.

  3. Very interesting article, I use twitter so I’m aware of the stars that only use their accounts for promotional purposes and do not really interact with their fans, I’m also aware of the ones that interact with their fans. I hadn’t heard about Kim Coles in a while so it’s actually nice to read you article and see that she is still relevant and involved with the fans she’s made over time.
    Good blog post.

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